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LOA Protective Coating Sealant has been created to give you longer and richer eyelashes. This coating will prolong the life of your lashes by helping the glue cure and form a seal around the lashes. Will also help to protect the eyelash extensions from water, sweat, dirt and other elements that may break down the eyelash extension glue. The Sealant goes on clear, creating a dewy, glossy look. The suggested use after lash application is every other day.


Tried, true and tested, Eyelash & Brow Boosting Serum is here to enhance and fortify visibly listless lashes and brows. Offering a scientifically advanced formula and botanically infused for optimum results, this serum provides nourishment for both lashes and brows. Helping to keep lashes healthy and ready for extensions.  This serum does not diminish or impact the existing bond. Cultivate, sustain and maintain the life and luster of lashes and brows. 

10% Sympeptide Xlash!!!


Especially formulated to clean all kinds of eye makeup and effectively removes excess oil, dirt, and protein on eyelashes so that eyelash extensions last longer. Contains Amino Acid Complex, Vitamin E, and Aloe Extract to protect sensitive skin around the eyes.



Our Beautiful retractable micro pencil is the perfect way to fill in spaces in the brows. With a delicate touch, the tip of the pencil is designed to mimic brow hair. The other end of the wand features a brow brush for that final touch of grooming. Give the full look and Be Brow Beautiful.



Designed for use with eyelash extensions and made with natural herbs as an alternative to harsh chemical eyelash conditioners, This Tonic provides essential nutrients to the hair follicles which helps condition and strengthen natural lashes. 

Close the cap immediately after use.
Store at room temperature and avoid exposure to direct sunlight
Keep out of reach of children


Semi-Permanent Coating Mascara for Eyelash Extensions

High shine black fibers with semi permanent mascara properties to help seal out oil and dirt while keeping eyelash extensions looking lusher and thicker. Can be used with or without eyelash extensions.

Please note: This item is not intended for retail sale and is for professional in-salon use only.


Wash & Wink is a specially formulated, botanically infused oil-free cleanser. Super gentle, the cleanser is safe for daily use around the eye area, including on lashes with or without extensions. Hydrolyzed silk proteins ensure superior conditioning. Keep your lashes clean and healthy without irritating, harming or reducing eyelash extension bond. Wash and Wink is the perfect after care solution to help you  maintain beautiful new lashes. 



Retail Price: $29.99 (100 ml)

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