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Clean your Eyelash Extensions

Updated: Jan 10, 2019

Clean lash extensions last longer - lashes must be cleaned as part of your home care routine.

Some clients believe that keeping their lash extensions away from water will keep them on longer, however this is very untrue and has quite the opposite effect! Your lash extensions will fall off prematurely when you avoid cleansing them. Yes, always avoid water for the first 24 hours as per your lash technician's instructions - however this doesn't mean don't get them wet forever!

It is critical that you cleanse your lash extensions. Improper cleansing or avoiding cleansing them all together will cause problems resulting in your lashes not lasting as long as they should. Not cleansing regularly or correctly also leads to potential infections, irritations, poor lash health/growth and lash mites (yes these are a real thing!).

Lash Mites

Dead skin cells, dirt, makeup and oil will build up in your lash line very quickly! All this build up eats away at your lash extension's glue bond, breaking it down over time. Lash extension glue LOVES to be kept clean in order to maintain it's strong bond to your natural lash. Dirty lashes cause your lash glue to become weakened resulting in extensions that fall off your natural lash instead of lasting the entire life of the natural lash and falling out when your natural lash is shed.

Dirty lashes don't necessarily look dirty when looking in the mirror, but under your lash technician's lamp with magnifying glasses the build up is very obvious.

Just as you wouldn't go to the dentist with un-brushed teeth, always come to your lash appointment with freshly washed lashes at least from the night before. Do not wear any mascara to your appointment as removing it is tedious and eats into your lash application time meaning less lash extensions are applied by your lash technician. Mascara residue can often cause poor adhesion resulting in your lashes not lasting as long either. I'm not a fan of wearing mascara on extensions as the rubbing required to remove it causes damage and lash loss. If you feel the need to wear mascara it MUST be a lash extension mascara which I have available to purchase (this product is not available in my online shop so please contact me to purchase)

Clients who wash their lashes correctly between appointments return with SO MANY more lashes left compared to clients who don't cleanse at all (or cleanse incorrectly). A refill shouldn't be performed when you have little to no lash extensions left - a refill is required when you just start seeing gaps (ideally when 50% lashes remain) which ensures your lashes are always looking full and lush.  Most clients who look after their lashes are able to go 3-4 weeks between refill appointments and return with 50% lashes left.  If you're not getting these results then it's time to check your home care routine to see if we can figure out what's going on...



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