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Eyelash Extensions Aftercare Products to help your money go a long way.

Updated: Nov 6, 2018

At Lashes of Atlanta, we want to provide beautiful eyelash extensions for our customers and support our lash stylists in keeping their clients satisfied. Part of this care is making sure that the client goes home armed and ready for their lash aftercare, which is as important. Today's blog is going to review some vital aftercare to make sure that your clients know exactly what to do to keep those lashes luscious.

To make sure the extensions last as long as possible without irritating the eyes, they will want to take good care of those extensions once they leave the salon. The goal is to help the extensions last until the natural lash they are resting on naturally shed. In other words, keep those lashes lasting as long as possible for maximum fullness and thickness.

-- First things first. The client will want to keep their new lashes from getting soaking wet for the first 24 hours after application. This includes swimming, showering, or any type of activity that allows moisture to build up on the lashes. After 24 hours they should be fine to wash with a Lashes of Atlanta foam cleanser once a day.  It is best to wait until the lashes are dry and then brush them.

-- Avoid oil-based makeup or beauty products around the eye or lash areas. These can cause the glue to break down resulting in lost extensions. In addition, they will want to avoid waterproof mascara or eyeliners, as those can also interfere with the lash bond.

-- They will want to brush their extensions daily with an eyelash brush to remove clumps or lashes sticking to each other.

-- Also, make sure they don't rub their eyes or pull at the extensions even if there is an itch. They don't want the extension to fall off because they may have lifted the lashes.

-- To make the most of their extensions, the client will want to apply Lashes of Atlant coating sealant to the lashes 2-5x a week around the lash line.

These simple aftercare tips to help client's lashes look their best, longest! If you would like more information, please call us at (678) 310-7198 or email us through our website

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